2020 Yuck

It was definitely a rough year for us all huh? Hopefully things start to pick up better next year. I can’t wait to get out and start photographing things and places again. Most likely going to have to stick with places closer to Idaho, but that is ok. I hope you all have made it through ok . I’ve lost family to Covid, still trying to recover from in in September, a family member to cancer end of last year, and my soulmate to cancer as well.

It sucked not being able to update the blog any. So I’m looking forward to next year and new places! I did update my portrait work website if you want to check that out. blackhoneyportraits.com

The Tale of Missed Oppurtunities and Don’t Trust Google

Whoo what a day we’ve had today! After we left our cute little cabin we drove across the street and got our passport stamps. I say stamps because they also had the stamp for Glen Canyon NRA. Since we’ve been there before, and we were planning on stopping at Horseshoe Bend, we decided to stamp our book with that one too. Continue reading “The Tale of Missed Oppurtunities and Don’t Trust Google”

The 101.

The 101 is the road that runs along side a good chunk of the Oregon Coast. Sadly, the coast is not always visible from it, hence the “good chunk.” We were only slated for about 4 hours of drive time today so I let Mom sleep in, big mistake. Continue reading “The 101.”