An Angel in Sin City

May 9th, 2018

I call myself an Angel but friends and family might disagree with that…anyways…Vegas. Ooh Vegas. We came into Vegas from Highway 93. Continue reading “An Angel in Sin City”


Stranded in The Bay

November 2017.

No better way to start off a vacation than being stranded right? We flew into San Francisco to start out trip down the coast and collect some National Park Stamps. Since I don’t have a credit card, I use my debit card, I thoroughly¬† investigate car rental companies. I researched and researched and according to what I had read at the time, Enterprise was the one to go with. I’ve used them before and really liked them. This situation was different, so I made sure everything would be ok. And it should have been. Continue reading “Stranded in The Bay”

Prairie Dog Town

If you’ve never seen a prairie dog in person, please put it on your bucket list. Especially seeing a prairie dog town! The rodent dogs are fat, funny, and chatty. The second day of our trip we spent in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The park is divided into three units. We only visited the Southern Unit. At the entrance to the park is the Visitor Center where you can visit Roosevelts very first ranch home, the Maltese Cross Cabin. Which was moved to its current location. The cabin at one time traveled with the World’s Fair across the states. The logs of the cabin are the originals used in 1883, but most everything else has been replaced. Though sadly there is a lot of carved in graffiti. Inside the cabin are two items that did belong to Roosevelt, a writing desk and a large trunk. They are really neat to see.

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North Dakota

I’ll be one of the first to admit, when I used to hear North Dakota my first thought would be “What in the heck is in North Dakota, besides oil fields?” Turns out, there is a lot! North Dakota is a beautiful state with a very rich sense of heritage. There are oil fields, which are interesting to see for the first time up close. I’ve seen them as kids down south, but don’t remember them. But there is so much more to North Dakota than they are telling us. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for winters even worse than here in Idaho, I could happily live there.

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Apple Pie for Breakfast

I saw a quote about Maine that said ‘I’m from Maine, I eat apple pie for breakfast’ by Rachel Nichols. I didn’t get any pie while I was in Maine. That’s kind of sad. But that is a philosophy I can get behind. I’d figure it would be blueberries though, Maine is very very into their blueberries. As they should be. I’m going to make it a point to take my next trip to Maine and visit a blueberry festival. Continue reading “Apple Pie for Breakfast”

A Flatlander in Maine


Flatlander is code for tourist in Maine.

Bubble Mt Path-12

May 2016.

I consider Maine the start of my photography travel journey. I won’t lie, Maine got chosen as the first state because I wanted to try a lobster roll. I had read a Yahoo article about the best places to get a Lobster Roll on the east coast, and a food truck in Maine was considered the very best. The food truck is called Bite Into Maine. Spoiler alert: …I arrived in Maine too early. UGH. I was a week early. I did eventually get a lobster roll, but not from the best place. I have to go back to Maine someday anyway so I’ll plan it later in the season. Continue reading “A Flatlander in Maine”