Yabba Dabba Do and the Race Against Time

At long last. The last day of our trip is nearing. This is the last day of our sight seeing, but it is jam packed with places not close to each other and early close times. After leaving the hotel we went straight to the Walmart there. Continue reading “Yabba Dabba Do and the Race Against Time”


Stranded in The Bay

November 2017.

No better way to start off a vacation than being stranded right? We flew into San Francisco to start out trip down the coast and collect some National Park Stamps. Since I don’t have a credit card, I use my debit card, I thoroughly¬† investigate car rental companies. I researched and researched and according to what I had read at the time, Enterprise was the one to go with. I’ve used them before and really liked them. This situation was different, so I made sure everything would be ok. And it should have been. Continue reading “Stranded in The Bay”